If You had received it for nothing, so give it for nothing
The Gospel from Matthew, 10, 8

“Who stops up the ear from the cry of a poor, will wail himself, – and will not be heard.”
The Bible – Parables 21, 13

“The Other strews generosity, and it still increases to him, and another is economical over a measure, and however grows poor.”
The Bible – Parables, 11,24

“Blessings should not be scattered, and they should be distributed. The matter is not in that what You gave and in that to whom you gave”
Seneca (4 B.C. – 65 A.D.) – the Roman statesman, the financier, the philosopher

“The most greedy usurers erect the most beautiful and magnificent chapels in the hope they can favor The God by ten thousand of ducats, which were spent on construction of these buildings, and to pay off with Him for those of hundred thousand which they have stolen. As if The Lord is not able to count!”
Margarita Navarrskaya (1492-1549) – the queen of Navarry, the writer

“A kind business which is made not from love to the people and not from the care of them, and for the rescue of own soul, are absolutely not kind. Where is not love, there is no goods”
Nikolay Berdyayev (1874-1948), the philosopher