The charity has no borders, we hope, that have visited this site, you will not remain indifferent to a pain of those who require your charity.
Having donated only one cent, one dollar, or one euro on charity, you will save not one children’s life.
Earthmen Global Stream – is you, and together we can really change the world to the best, and even kind words of support addressed to the wards of Earthmen Global Stream can considerably facilitate their ailments, give them forces for the prompt recover.

The Charitable Organization “Earthmen Global Stream” is founded in January 2007, being the continuation of activity of the television charitable project “In searches of Mercy” realized on technical base and material actives of holding on the manufacture of Television products “Tornado” – Azerbaijan, Baku, since February, 12th 2004

During the existence of the project «In search of Mercy» the help of all kinds had been rendered to more than 1750 persons, including about 900 children, 200 veterans of the Great Patriotic War, about 300 lonely elderly indigents, about 350 invalids had been provided with wheelchairs and pecuniary aid.

The charitable Organization “Earthmen Global Stream” is officially registered on May, 24, 2007 in the State of New York, and carries out charities according to section 501 (c) (3) of The Codes of Department under taxes and tax collections of the USA as the non-commercial, international organization not assessed with taxes, which purpose is to render the emergency help in the organization and coordination of treatment of heavy diseases or social support of people requiring the help, irrespective of their nationality, creed and location when the help for the objective reasons cannot be provided by the state bodies of public health services or social protection.